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drvena kašika

In the beginning of 2015, he felt pain in his legs, as an active sportsman he soon realized that basketball training is getting harder. He initially went to the physiotherapist for bone pains, but, as he did nothing more, he went to a doctor where he was diagnosed with sarcoma. Soon he his right leg was amputated and was diagnosed with chemotherapy due to diagnosis. According to his father, he was extremely weak and unwilling to recover. He heard about Ganoderma Lucidum Soft gel capsules from a friend who already uses them. Today, he is feeling much better, full of energy and now regularly goes to the gym. He has been using Ganoderma for a few years, 4 capsules per day, in order to strengthen his immune system.

S.A. (27)

In November of 2016, she was received to the hospital as an emergency, due to impairment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She was a feeling of fatigue and breathing difficulty, and such problems were present every day for the last two years. She is also cured of arterial hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus type II. In April 2017, a benign tumor of the brain and other parts of the central nervous system was noted. Due to the diagnosis of chronic respiratory infection, according to the estimations of the chest surgeon, no surgical treatment is advised. The patient remained only to report regularly and monitor the situation. At that time, after a friend's recommendation, she heard about Ganoderma Lucidum soft gel capsules and began to use it. The capsules helped her to strengthen, stabilize insulin, clear cholesterol from the blood vessels, get more oxygen and normalize blood pressure. She has been using Ganoderma capsules regularly for over a year and is feeling a lot better. She is breathing easily, she does not get tired quickly, she is overwhelming and will continue to use it.

R.M. (58)

M.N. (40) contacted doctors in the terminal phase of the disease when a cancer of pancreas with metastases on the liver was registered in July 2017. Due to bloating and difficulty breathing, further analyzes were made, which indicated an ascit, free fluid in the abdominal cavity, which additionally rules problems. The value of bilirubin increased and it was noted that no interventions were performed. For Ganoderma Lucidum soft gel capsules she heard on television in September of the same year and has been using it regularly since then. Ganoderma spore oil helps her strengthen her immunity, and restore energy. She says she feels much better, she started moving independently and doing housework. She is taking 10 capsules daily and will continue to use them.

M.N. (40)

In mid-2017 he began to feel incredible headaches, exhaustion and difficult movement. At the insistence of his wife, they went to the doctor, where his brain tumor diagnosis was established. An operation was performed, the situation improved, but it all took a short time. As the condition got worse again, new analyzes have been made, and have shown that it is glioblastoma in the brain. After another operation, he felt very bad and more exhausted. Then his friend told him about Ganoderma Lucidum soft gel capsules, began to use it to strengthen the immunity and soon felt a significant improvement. The general condition was improved, the immune system was strengthened, the 
blood test results were better, the mood was better, he began to move more and even drive the car. Today he is on a chemotherapy, which he tolerates very well, uses Ganoderma capsules for over six months and will continue to use twice a day, two capsules a day.

I.Ž .(55)